What is an Accountability Home? It is interdependent living for young adults and support within a Christian social community that includes support groups, spiritual growth and Church life. An Accountability Home serves a diverse population such as ministry interns, rehab graduates in transition, college students and those in need of emotional healing and/or a spiritual encounter.

If you are a parent and are wanting to invest in the development of your son or daughter in a supportive Christian environment, then this is the perfect opportunity. 

A heart change is what happens in an Accountability Home. Unlike traditional programs that focus on behavioral modification, our program focuses on five points of heart transformation. They are:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Emotional Healing
  • Social Maturity
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Character Development

Disclaimer: Service provider is not licensed to and does not provide Child Welfare Agency services to minors in Arizona or from Arizona.

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Work Internship Program - Vocational Education - Business Education
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